Melabo Studio is one lady, making stuff constantly,

in a New England state she is not certain is a 'good match'


Megan hard at work in the studio!

Megan hard at work in the studio!

Hello. My name is Megan.  I make ceramic objects in my New Hampshire clay studio.  All pieces are made exclusively by me. Start to finish. It is, for the most part, a delight. 

I found clay my last semester of art school in Baltimore.  Like many 'clay people' the material spoke to me loudly and the process quickly became an all-consuming habit.  I like the hoops that I have to jump through as a clay artist.  It is a contradictory material, with a long history, and specific technical expectations. I try not to resist when a surprise in the kiln or a new construction possibility leads me in an unexpected direction.

It is an eclectic process of making. Functional, sculptural, decorative and wearable clay objects have all come out of the studio.  I look for consistency in the work through my love of color and pattern, an attraction to narrative, an irreverent humor, and the presence of painting and drawing. The process of making leads to many visual choices. I want to make things in repetition and that often leads to complex surface texture.